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The Starlost

The incredible adventure of a giant spacecraft carrying the survivors of a dead planet Earth on the most critical mission ever launched by man. An endless journey across the universe in serach of a new world. Earthship Ark -- hundreds of miles long. A mammoth cluster of metal domes...each a separate community isolated from the others. In the countless generations that have lived and died since the launching of the Ark, everyone has forgotten the Earth ever existed, forgotten the reason for their journey. Unaware that they are streaking through the heavens in a man-made world. 1973. 16 color episodes. ~ "The Best Of Science Fiction TV" by John Javna [also known as The Lost Ark]

Based on the story by Harlan Ellison (who decided the project was being butchered and withdrew from the project, then recorded the whole unpleasant episode in his book The Other Glass Teat).

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  • Keir Dullea .... Devon
  • Gay Rowan .... Rachel Robin
  • Ward .... Garth William
  • Osler .... Computer Voice/Host


    1. Voyage of Discovery
    2. Lazerius from the Mist
    3. The Goddess Calabra
    4. The Pisces
    5. Children of Methuselah
    6. And Only Man is Vile
    7. Curcuit of Death
    8. Gallery of Fear
    9. Mr. Smith of Manchester
    10. The Alien Oro
    11. Astromedics
    12. The Implant People
    13. The Return of Oro
    14. Farthing's Comet
    15. The Beehive
    16. Space Precinct



The Beginning consists of two hour-long episodes from the weekly TV series Starlost. Created by Harlan Ellison (who later disowned the project), this science fiction effort is set in the 28th century. Keir Dullea stars as a postapocalyptic youth who has been sentenced to prison for speaking his mind. Dullea escapes by stealing a huge space vehicle, Earth Ship Ark, in the company of the girl he loves (Gay Rowan) and his rival for her affections (Robin Ward).This "feature film" is comprised of the following episodes: "Voyage of Discovery", the series' pilot film; and "The Goddess Calabra", written by Ursula K. LeGuin, in which heroine Rachel (Gay Rowan) finds that she is the exact double of an extraterrestrial goddess. Though The Beginning ends on an upbeat note, its impact was dulled by the aimless, directionless series that followed. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

The Invasion. Includes: Astromedics - The Implant People

Alien Oro is an expansion of an episode from the Canadian sci-fi TV series The Starlost. Walter Koenig of Star Trek fame guest-stars as Oro, an extraterrestrial who comes upon "space outcast" Ydana (Alexandra Bastedo). Unable to survive outside her own environment, Ydana is doomed to a horrible demise. Originally sent by his home planet to investigate the Ark (the 28th century space vessel that served as the setting for Starlost), Oro now devotes his energies to returning Ydana to her own world. Starlost regulars Keir Dullea, Robin Ward and Gay Rowan also appear, as usual. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

The Deception . In this sci-fi entry from the Starlost TV series, members of the crew find themselves captured and imprisoned by a mad ruler in an intergalactic dome on an Earthship Ark. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

The Return. In this sci-fi episode from The Starlost TV series, the Earthship Ark endures a mutiny when an exploratory craft returns from 400 years in a time warp. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide


Episodes available on VHS @ Movies Unlimited

The Starlost: Complete Set(1973) VHS
Compelling Canadian sc-fi series, created by writer Harlan Ellison (under his Cordwainer Bird pseudonym), is set on a gigantic "space ark" whose hundreds of self-contained biospheres contain the survivors of a dead Earth. Three young people search for a way to stop the ark's collision course with a star and save humanity. Keir Dullea, Gay Rowan, Robin Ward star. Five-tape set includes "The Beginning," "The Invasion," "The Alien Oro," "Deception" and "The Return." 475 min. total. NOTE: Individual volumes available at $14.99.

The Starlost: Deception VHS
Dylan and his friends' search for help leads them into deadly encounters with a maniacal weapons master and an illusion-casting computer. Ed Ames, Angel Tompkins guest star.

The Starlost: The Alien Oro VHS
"Star Trek's" Walter Koening guest stars as the duplicitous Oro, who agrees to help restore the Ark's navigation systems, but has his own sinister plans for the ship.

The Starlost: The Beginning VHS
Dylan, a young rebel from the rigid agrarian society of Cypress Corners, learns that his "world" is one part of a huge spaceship and tries to convince his people of the impending disaster. Sterling Hayden, Barry Morse guest star.

The Starlost: The Invasion VHS
A deranged military leader plans to use computerized mind-control implants to gain control of the Ark. Donnelly Rhodes, Stephen Young guest star.

The Starlost: The Return VHS
A scientific exploratory vessel returns to the Ark after 400 years, thanks to a time warp, but an aging disease may keep the crew from making the repairs needed to save the craft. Edward Andrews, Lloyd Bochner guest star.

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